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How to change bad habits signs

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

What bad habits do you have that you struggle to change?

Do you drink too much?

Do you feel addicted to chocolate or junk food?

Do you struggle to get your workouts done in favour of an evening spent on the sofa?

Habits can be hard to change.

First, you need to understand the thought process behind the habits you want to change.

(See 'The Habit Loop' at the bottom of the blog.)

Why is it you drink/eat chocolate/junk food in the evenings for example?

Is it to 'relieve stress'?

That could be the cue. The wine could be the routine. And the feeling of relaxation and comfort that comes after it is the reward.

When you understand why you do a certain habit it becomes easier to change it.

So if stress is your cue what habit can you implement that will be more beneficial to you than say a bottle of wine and yet still create a feeling of relaxation and comfort in the evening?

Taking a walk, having a hot cup of tea, venting to family or friends about your stressful today, meditating, doing a workout, having a nap.. these are all examples of positive habits that could still yield the same rewards.

It's not about getting rid of the 'habit loop' but instead swapping bad habits out for ones that are going to support you on your journey and towards your goals instead of holding you back.


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