• Jamie Harrison-Payne

It's About Where You're Headed Not Where You Are

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Where you are is not important, where you are heading is.

You may be out of shape, you may not be confident with they way you look, you may struggle to stick to a healthy diet and the right number of calories but are you getting better at taking the necessary action to make those changes?

If you are, keep going because eventually you'll get to where you want to be.

If you're not making progress, are you making small changes to ensure you will be soon?

Ultimately that's what counts.

Most people keep themselves stuck by focusing too much on their current state.

They focus on the fact they've failed in the past, that they're overweight, pinch their fat and put themselves down without actually addressing the problems and making the necessary changes to move forward.

Today, don't worry about your current situation just focus on where it is you want to get to.

Focus on instilling the habits that are right for you, start doing them daily, focus on improvement one day at a time, these habits will compound over time as long as you don't quit, eventually leading to your success.

 Set some goals for the week and get after them!


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