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Why You Should Eat More Protein

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

If the majority of women did this one thing I'm sure they would boost their fat loss results within a month or two..

Eat more protein.

I recommend between 80-100g a day for a woman.


1. Eating protein helps you burn more calories - Protein has a greater thermogenic effect in the body compared to fats and carbs, which means it takes more energy/calories to break it down during digestion.  

2. Eating protein reduces appetite, minimises cravings and keeps you fuller for longer - Eating higher protein meals keeps you fuller and satiated for longer meaning you're less likely to snack and overeat throughout the day. For example I ate a bowl of greek yogurt mixed with protein powder and frozen berries  mid morning and I'm still extremely full going into the afternoon.

3. Maintains and builds muscle mass, which burns more fat - Eating a high protein diet contributes to the maintenance and building of muscle tissue. Muscle is active tissue that requires more energy (calories) to maintain it. So the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day. Dropping your calories too low and pounding your body with excessive amounts of cardio will break down your muscle mass overtime and lead to you burning fewer calories throughout the day (this is where people often hit plateaus. You don't want to lose your muscle mass or your fat loss results will take a tremendous hit.  

Now go lift!


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