• Jamie Harrison-Payne

This Is All You Need To Do To Succeed..

"Success is a combination of small things, done well, each and everyday."

When it comes to weight loss most women have a tendency to overwhelm themselves with too much, too soon..

After a binge.. "right I'm cutting out all carbs, alcohol and sweet stuff for LIFE"..

From doing no exercise to "right I'm going to start going to the gym everyday, plus 5 spin classes, plus two ab workouts and no carbs after 6".

It's too much too soon and these panicked, quick fix mentalities and behaviours rarely work.

You don't build a billion dollar company in a few months and the same goes for changing your physique.

Instead it takes time and it takes a multitude of good habits done well every day that help propel you forward.

Mini successes that lead into bigger ones.

It starts with one thing..

One thing you can't start implementing today that's going to move you forward.

Maybe it's a healthy high protein dinner..

Or a post work walk to get your steps up..

Going to bed an hour earlier..

These are the kinds of small habits you need to look at incorporating and excelling at.

Don't focus on the big tasks and goals yet. You don't need to. It'll lead to overwhelm and will increase the chances of you doing nothing at all.

Start small.

How can you lose that first pound?

What's the one thing you can focus on today to move you forward?

They'll start to add up over time..


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