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January 3, 2018

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Why Diets Don't Work

January 3, 2018

Why do people go on diets? To feel and look better and we’ll try all kinds of fad diets in order to fit into that wedding dress, or swimsuit ready for our holiday or any other special occasion as quickly as possible.


But if your aim is to lose your fat as quickly as possible you’re going about things completely the wrong way. People want to look good and they don’t think about what they could be doing on the inside. So they’ll go on fad diets in order to lose weight fast and that is just not the way to approach it and the results prove this.


We can lose weight on a diet, but it’s a bit like borrowing from a bank to pay a loan shark. We can drop 10 pounds but we’ll pay it back. If we force ourselves to lose weight, through extreme restrictive calorie intake for example, our bodies will hold on to the extra weight to protect itself from what it believes is a starving state. What will happen is that you could lose 10 pounds and then when you go back to eating normally (as diets aren’t sustainable) you’ll gain it back again and more, as your body will think it needs to store extra fat for when the next starvation period occurs. How many times has this happened to you or to someone you know?


I understand how frustrating this can be for people, especially as most people try so hard to lose weight. I don’t like the common misbelief that overweight people are just lazy and over consumptive. It’s a lack of health and fitness knowledge that is the problem. People come to me all the time who have spent years trying to lose weight and working really hard to do just that but their weight never shifts and nor will it until the real problems are addressed.


My best advice I can give you for losing weight is to not turn what you eat into a ‘diet’. Instead, eat lots of wholesome, healthy foods and limit unhealthy processed foods. But do not restrict calories too low, use an online calorie calculator to work out your maintenance calories (calories needed to maintain your weight) and then eat slightly under that, say 250-500kcals. This will place your body in a position to burn fat but it won’t be too low that it will stunt your metabolism and put your body into starvation mode. Also, make sure that you’re not eliminating any foods that you enjoy. It’s about limiting, but not eliminating the bad stuff and increasing the good stuff. Add in foods that aren’t man made, because it’s those man made, processed foods that our bodies struggle to process causing us to gain weight. Add in apples for snacks, salads full of nuts, seeds, vegetables and high quality animal products.


Overtime, the bad foods will be reduced and you’ll be consuming much more of the good stuff, whilst eating healthy levels of calories. This, combined with a great exercise programme, will get you results. You’ll start losing weight, you’ll be feeling better, you won’t want to touch the bad stuff only the good stuff and any negative thinking associated with food, diets and what we have to eat will disappear.


For more information I’d encourage you to book a free consultation with me so I can discuss this with you further and put plans in place so that you can ditch the diets and finally start seeing results.


Speak Soon,



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