"In short Jamie has changed my life. His guidance, genuine care and encouragement have got me to where I am with a passion now for training 5 times a week and doing things I never dreamed possible. I can't recommend him highly enough, he is simply awesome."



"Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve become more educated in my nutrition and have now embarked on more of a body sculpting plan where I’m still losing weight but also gaining strength and muscle. Would highly recommend"



"I've been really happy since starting the programme. I've lost around 8kg, I've started seeing muscle mass growing, my stomach has gone down 8cm and my confidence has increased over 100% which is the main thing."



"Great PT, I would definitely recommend. Feeling more toned after only a few weeks."



Sharon dropped body fat, built muscle, strength and improved her fitness!



"Jamie is a rare gem in the PT world. He ACTUALLY cares. He works so hard at our programs, tailoring them to suit our various ailments, injuries and mood. He is a great trainer."



Will you be my next success story?


Listen in as Dee and myself sit down to chat about her fantastic progress on my online coaching programme!


Listen in as Tara shares her story as she went from a place of low confidence, obesity and low energy to the confident, strong, fit and thinner version of herself she is today!

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